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Going Green

At Lighting Service, Inc. all of our technicians are certified electricians so you know you have the very best people working on your facility.  Our “GREEN” services not only provide your company increased control and lighting options, they’re also good for the environment.

"As a commitment to our customers and our planet, Lighting Service, Inc. recycles all lamps, ballasts and fixtures that we take out of service."

Lighting service, Inc. offers customers that are looking to “Go Green” a number of options that are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lighting Retrofits: By performing a lighting retrofit to your exisitng system, you can provide equal of greater light while using up to 60% less energy. Click here to learn more.

Lighting Controls: Are an essential tool in energy consumption. By installing occupancy sensors around your office you can save a significant amount of energy in low traffic areas.
* Less energy consumption is good for the planet and good for your monthly electric bill.

Group Relamping: By relamping all of your fixtures at once you save time on labor and material while providing greater light levels throughout your facility. Additionally, by relamping with lower wattage lamps, you are also using less energy which means lower monthly electric bills.

Scheduled Maintenance: Damaged lighting fixtures still consume energy, even if they are not providing light. Scheduling monthly inspections will help keep your system fully functional at all times keeping energy from being wasted.

Recycling: Lighting Service, Inc. follows all standards for recycling hazardous materials (such as old lighting components) as set forth by the EPA (environmental Protection Agency)


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