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About Us - Company History

Lighting Service, Inc. was founded by Elmo Irwin in July of 1946 and, shortly thereafter, was joined by his brother-in-law, Leo Gamp. At the time, fluorescent lighting was just being introduced and would soon require companies that could service this new lighting technology. In the early 60’s, service was expanded to include outdoor lighting repairs and sign maintenance. Mr. Irwin and Mr. Gamp operated the business until the early 1980’s. Upon retiring, Leo's son, Leo H.J. Gamp managed the business. In August of 1995, George Irwin and Donald Bachman bought the company from Mr. Irwin’s estate and Mr. Gamp.

George Irwin has over 20 years experience in commercial banking and financial planning and Donald Bachman brought his 12 years of experience in surety bonding and 16 years in the industrial painting field to the company. George and Don have been friends and business associates for almost 20 years and are very familiar with the company that was founded by George’s dad. Since August of 1995, the company has been rebuilt and enjoyed a steady annual growth rate of 30%. A trend that Lighting Service, Inc. plans to maintain.

The company believes that their greatest asset is their workforce. Each and every employee is cared about and part of the team. It is company policy to provide a safe environment for employees, as well as customers. Each employee is always expected to maintain the policy of "Safety First" in the way they conduct business and work together with customers. In addition, all employees must abide by a drug free work place policy in compliance with the Drug Free Work Place Act.


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